I hope the asterisk also mentions that Barry Bonds got that HR record off of pitchers who were also juiced.
--Nick B Sat Dec 15 11:23:40 2007
An asterisk to an asterisk...

I suspect the drugs were doing more for the batting than the pitching, but still.
--Kirk Sun Dec 16 08:46:09 2007
Well..according to Mr. dude, the icnd2 Actualtests and Testking are not updated, even if they chnaged their date of update. That means they are trying to fool the buyers, which the dump companies often do to increase their sales.P4S is also not updated for icnd2 exam. You can check their website. I think they’ve gone to sleep mode after july31st.The only one dump left is testinside and i don’t think they are updated too. In fact all dump makers are pretty much dead nowadays. They all are copying each other...And so? What's your plain, CareerCert?
--Lhien Tue Sep 17 04:27:59 2013

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