the total perspective atari vortex
That reminds me of a dream that I once had, except it was a white light that emanated from the middle and the walls were a technological maze of metal and wires, kind of like some HR Giger piece.

And that guru joke seems actually like the type that might originate in India and somewhere with that kind of tradition.
--The_Lex Sun Dec 16 21:30:03 2007
Ooops. Does this mean you already own "PPWB"? Will you enjoy having two copies?
--YELM Mon Dec 17 10:07:54 2007
Well, it was a good choice... the only reason I have it is as an impulse buy because the remnants of my photo class decided to meet at a bookstore cafe...
--Kirk Mon Dec 17 10:30:42 2007
I heard about it on NPR. But, I think I just might enjoy owning a copy myself! But no more book buying allowed until after Christmas!
--YELM Mon Dec 17 13:00:20 2007
Yes Mom.

(Sheesh, way to promote literacy there.)
--Kirk Mon Dec 17 13:05:40 2007

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