get up get up get up now get down 9-11 was an inside job near your town
I wonder how many of the stories from that book you can lift before you take away from their market share or cause a loss of income. ;b
--The_Lex Wed Dec 19 10:17:38 2007
It's a review!
--Kirk Wed Dec 19 13:05:30 2007
If 9-11 was an inside job, wouldn't Dick Cheney already know about it?

If I ever have the nerve to talk to one of those 911truth guys without kidney-punching them, I'd ask one that if it was an inside job, how come they didn't make it look like Iraq did it.
--Nick Bensema Wed Dec 19 13:15:54 2007
Actually, that was part of the weirdness of the note; from what little I could see of it, it looked like its tone was accusatory. I'm not sure what it was trying to get the VP to do. (Or why the guy wasn't worried about being a target...)

Well, like I said, that's some of why I cast him as "crazy" rather than merely "paranoid".
--Kirk Wed Dec 19 14:04:09 2007
I learned from "The West Wing" that the VP's office was in the OEOB, but more relevantly, the OEOB was in the news all this morning because a fire broke out in Cheney's office. (Cheney wasn't near the scene, but naturally he is the chief suspect.)
--LAN3 Wed Dec 19 20:24:44 2007
So subjective. . .
--The_Lex Thu Dec 20 17:29:05 2007

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