haggling on price
I'm extraordinarily tolerant about furries, but there's something about the phrase "YIFF IN HELL, FURFAGS" that just pops. It sounds almost like something I'd say to wish someone luck on a date if they were a furry.

Was that an actual protest sign, or just another 4chan meme? The use of "fag" as a suffix suggests the latter.
--Nick Bensema Thu Dec 20 11:26:38 2007
I'm generally intolerant of animated .gifs, but for this site, I'll enable the animation (thanks to Opera's quick-preferences hotkey).
--LAN3 Thu Dec 20 17:20:20 2007
The frame skip/reset screws with my head for some reason.
--The_Lex Thu Dec 20 17:30:10 2007
Which is older, the "haggling over the price" or the Descartes "I think not" joke?
--Nick Bensema Thu Dec 20 17:55:52 2007

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