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If you like "A Softer World", you might also enjoy the webcomic, "Tiny Ghosts", which has similar sensibilities.
--chris Wed Jan 2 10:13:50 2008
Mmmmmm. . .deadly neurotoxins.

Took me a couple reads to understand the chronology of deadly neurotoxins, install morality core, protagonist <?> destroys morality core, deadly neurotoxins. . .but it's a psychotic computer who says, so who expects it to make sense quickly for a human. We all know how good UIs work. =D
--The_Lex Wed Jan 2 11:04:01 2008
Khaled Hosseini's "The Kite Runner" and his "A Thousand Splendid Suns" (in that order) would be nice additions to your books list - although 2007 is gone.
--YELAS Wed Jan 2 12:31:26 2008
ps: Do you have Lust/Caution - and can I borrow it?
--YELAS Wed Jan 2 12:33:26 2008
I don't think Lust/Caution is on DVD yet, I'll keep an eye out for it on Netflix.
--Kirk Wed Jan 2 12:46:59 2008
You are correct about "Spaced." In fact, fans of "Spaced" were recruited via that show's website, and paid the kingly sum of 1 Pound/day to be the zombie extras of "Shawn of the Dead."

You might enjoy Nick Frost's current project, which is probably working now on its 3rd series (and in any event has two series (seasons) out already), of a Sci-Fi comedy called "Hyperdrive." It documents the travels of the HMS Camden Lock, a spaceship that's been given a mostly commercial series of missions but manages to have adventures anyway. It's not exactly the most perfectly tight comedy, but it is great for laughs and has a few unforgettable characters.
--LAN3 Wed Jan 2 14:33:36 2008
I dunno if your console version of Portal had the director's Commentary, but when I played through the commentary, there was a funny mention as you walk in to the very last room containing GLaDOS: there's a desk with a red phone, and the commentary mentions that the idea behind that desk was that someone had the job of sitting and keeping an eye on GLaDOS, and he'd make a call on that phone if ever GLaDOS became self-aware. It then wryly notes that the red-phone system was apparently inadequate. 

Also note that the Valve store does now sell plush Weighted Companion Cubes, as well as a pair of them made to replicate fuzzy dice.
--LAN3 Wed Jan 2 15:02:48 2008
My mom has a hassock that bears a resemblance to a weighted companion cube. It is also comfy.
--Kirk Wed Jan 2 15:23:27 2008
Hmm, Weighted Companion Furniture-- ISAGN!

(I See A Great Need)
--LAN3 Thu Jan 3 12:45:36 2008

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