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Somebody, please, rescue that plane! I think it's still alive!
--YELM Thu Jan 3 16:45:22 2008
I actually worked with a guy that owned a frog farm. He said he could sell them for quite a lot of money per pound to fancy restaurants,but the cost of raising them was a lot more than he originally thought. He learned some things through trial and error. He learned that he had to build a low wall around the ponds to keep snakes from eating them. Then he learned that he needed to cover the ponds with netting to keep birds from eating them. Then he learned that he had to keep moving the growing frogs to a different pond away from the smaller frogs to keep them from eating each other. And the electric bill for keeping all the lights on all night to attract insects was too high. 
--Michigan J. Frog Thu Jan 3 21:38:03 2008

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