take me out to the concerto
Is that just a random video from the Netherlands (or Germany?) or do you know any backstory for it?
--The_Lex Tue Jan 8 15:58:35 2008
I've heard it's an add for a youth-oriented discount travel agency. (I didn't want to give it away by mentioning that :-)
--Kirk Tue Jan 8 17:12:19 2008
Oh, man. . .that would've wrecked the whole experience. . .oh yeah.

Actually. . .no, it wouldn't have.
--The_Lex Wed Jan 9 08:40:28 2008

I dunno, I think I saw it as "Plane Crash Party" at first, but knowing it was an ad would have changed my interpretation of it-- I know advertisers wouldn't show me something REALLY bad, but I wasn't sure where they were going with this...
--Kirk Wed Jan 9 09:39:12 2008
It's adrenalin pumping, man. The kids go ape shit for that junk. Older people can't take it, though. . .so the kids take it for their own and get their identity from it.

You know, identity through consumerism (blech! in my opinion, but it's how things work a lot these days).

I think big difference of the disclosure would have been to change from "What the fuck is this? Is the plane going to crash? Is this going to be a disaster? What's the chance they'd be able capture such an amazing shot on camera?" to "Yeah, this should be interesting and kind of fun." So I guess it comes down to how you want your audience to think and react.
--The_Lex Wed Jan 9 12:53:23 2008

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