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GET LASIK! Non-prescription sunglasses aren't necessarily cheaper, but many of the are much cheaper than prescription.

LASIK is not cheaper than glasses, but it is fast, largely painless (mild eye discomfort during the surgery and some dull headaches following the surgery were all I experienced, pain-wise), and doing without glasses is nice. It's the little things that make it most awesome. Like seeing your feet in the shower, or not falling asleep with them on while reading in bed, or stopping to take them off when making out with a girl.
--LAN3 Wed Jan 9 18:33:54 2008
Well my vision isn't that bad to begin with.

I think that glasses are good for my face, providing some lines that my cherubic visage would otherwise be short of.

Any one who knows me care to weigh in if I'm better off with/without glasses? Of course it's hard for people to know, because I've always had them...
--Kirk Thu Jan 10 14:11:16 2008

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