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We used to have a nightly roster of off-duty Seattle PD officers working security for after-hours (which is almost nightly, with IMAX and Laser shows), and since we had a high-security exhibit and had hired a full-time company for the duration, we decided to eliminate a couple of the cops and use the security company some nights. I'm not sure exactly what the logic is on that.

In any case, the security guards, like the cops, quickly became friends and coworkers. One of the security guys recently changed jobs within the company, but still shows up at every drinking event we arrange, generally to show us up at karaoke...and drinking. (He's a big Samoan guy who does Otis Redding better than Otis Redding.)

In our case, they are here for crowd control, deterring car theft, evicting vagrants on the property, and expelling drunks, rather than to keep an eye on the equipment (internal theft isn't a major problem after hours). And once you see them toss a few drunks on their ears, you're glad you've got them to do that sort of thing.
--LAN3 Mon Jan 14 18:30:12 2008
Yeah, I don't mean to be down on security guards in general, though having one on both floors seems a bit like overkill. They aren't quite treated as peers, but getting there.

A coworker said he had a summer job working for Pinkerton or some such, and was told that a big part of his duty as a guard was just to deter casual spur of the moment things, but if stuff really came down, to just stay out of the way.
--Kirk Mon Jan 14 21:56:57 2008
"Spur of the moment thug," I like it.

I have a friend who calls cubicle land "cubicle city" or "cubicle village," depending on the number of the cubicles. I wonder if the density of cubicles would be more appropriate, though.
--The_Lex Tue Jan 15 10:42:17 2008
That's very urban of your friend-- I prefer "cube farm," though my term does tend to suggest a certain regularity to the pattern of the cube layout.
--LAN3 Wed Jan 16 01:10:12 2008

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