why yellow is not green
Somehow, someone still thinks it's worthwhile to buy space in the yellow pages. It's not like the bigger ads get put there for free.

Do the listings get there for free?
--The_Lex Tue Jan 22 08:43:35 2008
Once I had an internet failure and needed the phone book to look up my ISP's support number to see if I was experiencing a local or network-wide issue.

Since then, I've added my ISP to my phone's phonebook and no longer need the paper phone book. However, I do the occasional paper-cutting project and the phone book is a nice sturdy surface that I can cut without worry.

Also, the name Phoneme Invaders reminds me of a fairly originally-envisioned arcade game:


Frequon Invaders. The invaders are in the frequency domain instead of the spatial domain. The invaders are standing waves, and you have to cancel them out. It takes a few tries to work out how to play, and even more in order to play well.
--LAN3 Tue Jan 22 16:33:16 2008

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