sweet sandpaper
I want to know more about that increase in mass. Is that increase of mass only during a certain state while going at 100 mph, or is it permanent?

I guess I could also read the book, too. The Wife read it years ago, and it's on our shelf. I just have too much other research to do.
--The_Lex Fri Jan 25 14:23:37 2008
I read that the typical GPS unit makes something like 9 adjustments to its raw data input to account for relativistic effects of the position in a gravitational field, and rapid movement of GPS satellites on their timing and radio signals. It's a mix of general- and special-relatively calculations (general having to do with the weaker gravitational field, special having to do with the apparently time-change because of the speed), plus some doppler-effect calculations because the satellites are variously approaching or fleeing the GPS user. GPS (and in general, clocks in space) is considered an excellent testing ground for relativity.
--LAN3 Sat Jan 26 20:40:43 2008

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