all things are made of atoms
A friend of mine had a slightly different take on what knowledge to pass along. Given just a short phrase to give to the newly savage humans, his phrase was "wash your hands."
--LAN3 Sun Jan 27 22:47:58 2008
Heh. Yeah. Possibly a working knowledge of germ theory would do wonders. I guess Feynman might think that was in the part of being clever about atoms...
--Kirk Mon Jan 28 08:57:09 2008
After my friend said that, I chided him that such a phrase was rife with ambiguity, and would cause all sorts of wars and conflicts: the "wash only your hands" people vs. the "wash all of oneself, the hands being symbolic of man"-- of course, since disease is the primary cause of death in primitive wars, it's pretty clear who would win that one. 

"Wash your food" might be less controversial, although bread might take a while longer to catch on as a result.
--LAN3 Mon Jan 28 16:55:47 2008

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