battles on two fronts
<a href= >clerks movie</a>
--listik-28081 Wed Jan 30 18:24:05 2008
Wow, can't believe your still talking about OJ, can't anyone leave the guy alone. :)
--AJ Thu Jan 31 08:58:46 2008
Hey, someone you know from your last company is leaving tomorrow!
--Mac Guy Thu Jan 31 09:01:33 2008
Even though my blog doesn't have nearly the draw as yours, I find that having an e-mail form gets more attention than the comments section. That way, I can just push delete in my inbox rather than getting annoyed by comment spam.

Have no idea if that would be helpful at all.
--The_Lex Thu Jan 31 11:14:27 2008
Well part of my the idea here is that it's not just comments to me, but a more generalized discourse.
--Kirk Thu Jan 31 13:47:12 2008

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