tom brady and the heartbreakers
A very enjoyable game, despite the low score. That, in itself though, shows the head-to-head skillfulness of the teams, in my opinion.

And despite me coming from New England and the Giants being from New York, I'm happy to see the Patriots taken down a notch. It has to happen to the best of them. . .especially when the head coach is so petty he tries to push every small technicality.
--The_Lex Mon Feb 4 14:21:48 2008
There must have been a calculation.

Punt, and they might score again anyway.

Field goal, and you have overtime to figure out a way to score again.

The chance of getting a new first down, and making it those last few yards, must have been better than the chance of making it in overtime.
--Nick B Mon Feb 4 16:19:55 2008
What do you want me to do, my grammatical daughter? There was no bag of me in his face. 
--irristeGek Mon Feb 18 00:33:40 2008
Holly moved up, she was on her knees. 
--irristeGek Sun Feb 24 07:17:55 2008
nice work, bro
--Elinorsq Sun Apr 6 16:38:16 2008
You Sir/Madam are the enemy of conufsoin everywhere!
--Daysia Tue Oct 18 01:07:58 2011
Pin my tail and call me a doekny, that really helped.
--Brenley Tue Oct 18 01:08:00 2011
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