super duper tuesday
I voted Green, mainly because even as insignificant as my one vote can be, I like to act according to my principles. One of them being, nudge the Democrats in a more progressive direction by taking away my vote (like they spoke about in the 2006 election after Nader got a good amount of votes in 2000).

Plus, the two-party majority system sucks.
--The-Lex Tue Feb 5 10:48:00 2008
We cancelled each other out - I took Hillary.
So did Bill.

--YELAS Tue Feb 5 17:39:08 2008
Go ahead and throw away your vote...Kang from "The Simpsons Halloween Special VII"
--Refresh Guy Tue Feb 5 20:23:10 2008
I'm writing in Fred Thompson in order to nudge the GOP towards its more Federalist roots. 

Also, the two-party system is a good thing as long as we don't have party proportional representation in Congress. Also, if states would just be allowed to matter more, we could concentrate less on the stupid feds and their puny elections.
--LAN3 Fri Feb 8 19:32:03 2008

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