moral clairitin
--Lockbox Sat Feb 9 15:32:40 2008
Engineering Axiom: Just because something is desireable, does not mean it is possible.

Kaplan might've also noted that if FDR acted like Bush, he might've attacked Nazi Germany before Poland fell.

Besides, I specifically recall from International Relations in college that attacking communism in throughout eastern europe (via subversive means), Korea, the Indochinese nations, and so on, was considered a distraction from the source of communist infiltration, the Soviet Nation and its little Chinese brother, which is what we should've been attacking. And we did attack them, economically, thanks to the space race, the arms race, and, to crib from Dr. Strangelove, the peace race.

Granted, by that logic we hsould be attacking the purveyors and exporters of islamic extremism, i.e. Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Libya, etc.

I respect Kaplan, and have read one or two of his books, but there are plenty of foreign-policy thinkers out there with no love for Bush or neocons who would disagree with the quoted statements, even ones within his Realist school of thought.
--LAN3 Sat Feb 9 18:49:00 2008
Well, yeah, there are always counter arguments to me made. But I think the main thrust is about the hamfistedness and Beautiful Dream quality of the current administration.
--Kirk Mon Feb 11 10:42:29 2008

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