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Good! So now I can say that the next person to wreck out a N&D recacar needs to drive their car straight off the track and all the way home. Dont stop or go to your trailer. This crap is getting old real fast. That includes Bert, Jason, or anyone else who is dumb enough to lean on one of you guys again. I am damn tired of working on cars because of someone elses issues. The Nickel and Dime drivers are some of the cleanest that you will find, yet somehow our cars always seem to be the ones to get beat on. I don't know if it's jealousy or the fear of being outrun. Dont really care either.
--Elmer Sun Jan 13 06:07:20 2013
Bro, I need some advice from a stneor such as yourself.Okay so check this out. A few weeks ago my Dad caught me smoking in my room. He found my half oz of kush and burnt it in the fireplace. Luckily I saved my pipes and about 2 bowls worth of diesel. He kicked me out that night. He just let me move back in after about 3 weeks. I'm a stneor and I love to smoke everyday.. I turn 18 in 2 months and start college in May. Should I take a T-break or smoke when he's not around and be more careful?
--Animesh Mon Mar 4 23:11:08 2013

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