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I'm still going to throw in the argument that if you think the price is too good to be true, SOMEONE is paying the price. It just might not be you. . .now. You know, the price of outsourcing, human rights, slave labor, etc. etc. Keeps the prices down, but what is the real cost?
--The_Lex Fri Feb 15 17:21:07 2008
Well, I'm more concerned with how it makes it worth the while of the people running the stand.
--Kirk Fri Feb 15 17:44:11 2008
I found a bit of nightmare fuel I experienced-- the transformation of a character into a cyborg in Superman 3. Man, I was out of my mind after seeing that. On the other hand, it refers to Dr. Who, especially the episode "Blink," which doesn't qualify. Don't get me wrong, it'll give oyu nightmares and make you skittish around marble statues for days afterwards, but it's totally deliberate. The idea that a Dr. Who episode was designed to be slightly scary is preposterous-- Who has been sending children cowering behind the couch for about 6 decades now.
--LAN3 Sat Feb 16 02:29:52 2008
Keep it to what you can see. . .the people in your community. . .how. . .traditional in this complicated, interdependent and environmental world. We probably all pay a little bit to keep the money at that stand cheap, with farm subsidies and other government handouts. . ..
--The_Lex Sat Feb 16 11:42:17 2008
Ignore me, ignore me. . .now. Otherwise, the depths I go into obnoxious progressive anarcho-libertarian has been warned about.
--The_Lex Sat Feb 16 12:13:25 2008

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