hungry hungry eagles!
OK, my greek fu is weak. How's this work again?
--Nick B Tue Feb 19 12:05:51 2008
Well, the myth of course is that Prometheus (here portrayed by a yellow square) brought fire to mankind, and was punished by the gods by being chained to a rock, with an eagle (or vulture) that would come down and eat his liver. Painfully so. And this his liver would regrow, and the process would repeat.

In my rendition, you get to try and drag Prometheus away from the eagle. But, probably, eventually you'll let go, and Prometheus' springy chains will drag him back to the rock, and the eagle will get its meal.
--Kirk Tue Feb 19 12:23:00 2008
So are you really speechless this week? :)
--Vista Guy Tue Feb 19 20:12:01 2008

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