Know what smells rank? A root canal.

But fortunately my endodontist had this special device that measured parts of the tooth that made a happy sing-songy beepy tune as it measured. The different notes probably signaled something, but I never learned what it was.
--Nick Bensema Wed Feb 20 18:20:36 2008
I've had 4 wisdoms and two primary canines extracted, and in all three cases, the teeth didn't come willingly, so there was laughing gas, novocaine, and generally something else (for certain, in one case, fentanyl-- the same stuff they used in that Russian Operahouse to tranquilize those terrorists in seconds). In all three cases I have vague memories of the pressure of drilling, and strong memory of the smell. Smelled like burning shit. Likewise my thumbnail smelled that bad when they burned a hole through it to relieve some pressure after I jammed it. It's all the smell of burning flesh, basically.
--LAN3 Wed Feb 20 23:52:05 2008
I had two cavities taken care of nearing the end of last year. I kinda liked the Novocaine sensation, at least, it amused me for a bit!
--Candi Thu Feb 21 06:16:01 2008
Bah, curse your windows-encoded ASCII attempts at a copyright symbol. On macs it comes out as "''a' circumflex+Euro symbol"

I run into this all the time at work, Windows folks paste crap into a web page form Word and it looks fine for them, and I'm the only one who notices that it's messed up.

© is easy to remember, but not valid XHTML, for that there is ©

--Mr. Ibis Sat Feb 23 12:43:41 2008
so you escape HTML, but not entities....

Make that &copy; versus &#169;
--Mr. Ibis Sat Feb 23 12:44:33 2008

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