goats gruff
I went out and lay on the beach and watched the whole damn thing, even though it had dropped down to a glacial 60 degrees or so.

Bunch of people went home at dark of the eclipse. Losers. I bet they don't stay through the credits at the movies either.
--Cordelia Thu Feb 21 22:01:54 2008
Interestingly enough, as far as aligned heavenly bodies-- that "star" off to the left of the eclipsed moon was the planet Saturn.
--LAN3 Fri Feb 22 03:12:54 2008
You've hit the ball out the park! Incrdieble!
--Lore Sat Apr 23 13:58:11 2011
Muscle ups, linking more than two DUs and HSPUs. I don't think I'm quite sonrtg enough yet to pull off the MU, but I actually have tried in a couple of months. Something to try tonight! I can't balance well enough to do the HSPUs, but I have been working on a nice progression video that I saw on youtube. I don't know what my problem with DUs is I can S-D-D-S all day long and do plenty of tuck jumps in a row. I just feel like there is some rhythm thing that isn't clicking in my brain.
--Touni Mon Mar 4 22:53:05 2013

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