a is for ASPI
I remember there being a rumor of a place on Google where you could type the letter "m" and it would autofill "mesothelioma" for you, because that word has a lot of ambulance-chasers buying ads for it so they can sue anyone who ever thought asbestos was a good idea.
--Nick Bensema Mon Feb 25 16:42:51 2008
Yeah, no one is biting on putting in their own alphabet, but for me the google autofill is an intruiging snapshot of stuff I only vaguely recall hunting for.
--Kirk Mon Feb 25 18:42:12 2008
Google's not that low, but the lawyers certainly are:
--LAN3 Tue Feb 26 03:33:01 2008
I read up a little on Harrison Bergeron, myself, sometime in the last month.
--The_Lex Tue Feb 26 08:21:46 2008

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