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that OWNS
--cmg Thu Feb 28 15:17:43 2008
I got to learn about the mortgage stuff while temping at Fannie Mae and experienced the inconvenience of all the refinancing by homeowners and by the companies themselves while working for my parents. In theory when done with good risk management, actually pretty cool idea to help keep interest rates down and such. When the risk management goes out the window, though, we have what we have.
--The_Lex Fri Feb 29 10:54:53 2008
--I(|H Tue Mar 4 10:59:38 2008
At last! Somonee with real expertise gives us the answer. Thanks!
--Davian Fri Jan 6 16:29:50 2012
I've heard a few more responses; one from a teudsnt and one from an alum.The teudsnt stated that she goes to one campus ministry because that's where she feels fed I am assuming that means the Bible study/teaching connects with her. She said she goes to a different ministry because that's where she has found fellowship. An alum stated that she went to two for the purposes of helping someone else grow in Christ. She was connected to one ministry, but also attended another because she had a friend who would go to the other, but only if she went along and she wanted that friend to keep growing. So, she went to both.
--Karim Fri Apr 6 12:35:15 2012
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