happy leap day!
Been a miserable few months with vague cold-like symptoms that just seem to mutate and keep the misery going. Might be allergy. Probably allergy to winter. After weeks of piling on the warm clothes and pounds from comfort foods (easier to eat junk than cook), I went for healthier groceries and something warm but sexier to wear for psychological lift. But I stopped for fast food on the way to resupply for groceries and managed to get e-coli from the fast food. The really bad thing about e-coli is not just the fact that it tears your stomach and insides up quickly, but it also plays hell with the kidneys that take longer to regroup. So I won't become a recluse after all this, friends reminded me to boost the Vitamin C and B Complex for this added stress. I actually feel like I'm coming out of a sick fog--finally. I also got a bag of Halls Vitamin C drops and their Breezer drops and this seems to stop the throat problems where germs keep bouncing from throat to head to chest. Also, give some real chicken soup a try. Scientists say this lessens a cold but don't completely understand why. Well, they still know that aspirin works to reduce inflammation but don't completely know why, so says the PDR. You need real chicken, real chicken fat, celery and other herbs. Load it with saltines if your stomach's still rocking. Get some real salt, sugar and potassium in balance...leave the diet foods off as they stress the kidneys and liver. Don't feel guilty about getting some long, deep sleep--it's healing. This is scientific advice I've read and tried for some positive results. I'm taking my own advice and hope to be back at blender soon. You take care ...... Rennie
--rennielorca Sat Mar 1 06:52:42 2008
I read the other day that the lauric acid in coconut helps the immune system. It also provides other help to the thyroid gland. . .that could be the help to the immune system.
--The_Lex Sat Mar 1 21:36:42 2008

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