that gamey taste
"small amount of giftage to bring there and back... "

I'll keep the list small, mister! ^_^
--cmg Sun Mar 2 23:51:20 2008
I won't. ^ _ ^
--YELAS Mon Mar 3 10:31:45 2008
I like using a garment bag to handle most clothing stuff, although it's not quite as perfect since I can't stick my toilet bag into my carryon. I have a massive 40L backpack which I've used as a carryon, though I have to be careful not to stuff it too full or it won't fit into the size checkers.

Which reminds me - the rules for luggage on international flights can be very different than domestic. Triple check the websites and read the fine print.

As to giftage - buy a suitcase while you're there. Of course, that means having one less to take with you.
--ericball Mon Mar 3 14:19:54 2008
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--vi4erevn9m Wed Apr 9 01:00:35 2008
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--r4c49k6eh4 Fri May 30 12:29:09 2008
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--l1djbrfnad Mon Jun 2 20:30:06 2008
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--50p495augl Tue Sep 9 03:08:27 2008
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