tall and tan and young and lovely
What about the SNL sketch (not a movie, I know) in which Kevin Nealon and Sting stand awkwardly as Nealon, turned fanboy by Sting's presense, is unable to resist singing "Roxanne?"
--LAN3 Mon Mar 3 17:49:36 2008
Hmm. Probably gets a pass under a lenient interpretation of not "NOT hav[ing] music playing".
--Kirk Mon Mar 3 18:11:11 2008
The Girl From Ipanema is the perfect song because it projects serenity, and it's therefore the ideal counterpoint to any tension in the elevator, and elevator scenes are designed to show characters restraining their tension, because of our custom of not interacting in an elevator.

Likewise, a men's-room scene is occasionally used for this purpose, but that sends the wrong signal to women, who are of course social in the bathroom while men are antisocial there.
--LAN3 Tue Mar 4 01:19:02 2008
Oh, you and your thoughtful analysis.

Seriously, that is a very good point.

Though probably I just go inspired by the prolonged scene at the end of The Blues Brothers
--Kirk Tue Mar 4 09:05:58 2008
Does it have to keep playing after the bomb has gone off while ehe elevator is plummeting to the bottom of the shaft?

Also, what about Star Trek? Sounds like a DVD extra they forgot about.
--Nick B Tue Mar 4 11:54:40 2008
Hmm, Star Trek turbolifts have a different social custom than our elevators. Turbolifts are the place for exposition and hookups and occasional fighting, and once in a while, a place to be trapped during a disaster. In Trek's version of "the terrorists have taken the building," that is, "the aliens have taken the ship," for some reason the aliens forget to take over the turbolifts, while the terrorists never forget. Why is that? Because starships don't have an elevator lobby where they take up half the scene and must therefore be dealt with immediately. Question: why don't starships have a turbolift lobby? Ships that big with a crew of a thousand and one a few turbolifts here and there, plus no apparent stairwells?
--LAN3 Tue Mar 4 14:40:51 2008
I remember reading some apologist explanation that figures that turbolifts must be very, very smart... predictive, and probably much more than just the 1-dimensionally-traveling rooms we have today.
--Kirk Tue Mar 4 16:52:12 2008

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