parallels and perpendicularities
What's with the bolded text on entries before today?

Re: Chris, I liked him better and also liked what he displayed on the episode last week. Nonetheless, I think Rami does have things better on a technical side and, when he's not draping, he really catches onto that high fashion look that the judges want.
--The_Lex Tue Mar 4 12:49:58 2008
Huh, bold was a broken tag, but it showed ok on Firefox.

Chris' gambit was the hair, and I thought it was a risk that actually paid off in a new kind of look. I didn't dig Rami's coat and all, and don't see what the hell the judges liked about that one dress... it just looked off and poorly balanced to me.
--Kirk Tue Mar 4 13:43:43 2008
Hiya PR fans! If you want to see more of Chris March's stuff, go to the website for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. They have photos of the Project Runway Show (not a spoiler, individual pics aren't labeled and it was a public show). You may not know this, but the Runners up are allowed to show their collections in the final show. (this is to keep the pulbic guessing which people made the final 3 as the show is only in the last few episodes when Fahion Week occurs) So not only Chris showed his collection, but Sweet Pea did as well! I loved Sweet Pea's collection and was really surprised by it. Not what I was expecting from her. Chris March had a lovely blue dress with a face on it that was really cool, but completely different from the glamour goth look of most of his collection. Tomorrow night is the finale, and all the collections are worth seeing, very hard choice ahead for the judges.
--Runway Insider Tue Mar 4 18:27:53 2008
Hey Kirk, I'm surprised none of our geek friends have written a comment about the mathmatical difference between parallel and perpendicular. I'm sure some of our writer friends could expand on their usage as metaphors. That would be a double geekage. Can a point of intersection really be the same as a parallel? The philosophical levels are mind boggling, language evolution, math, sociology...mimes!
--Erin Maru Tue Mar 4 18:35:09 2008
it's google-fu, and I have it, along with an abundance of free time, in spades.
--cmg Tue Mar 4 21:19:34 2008
I was aware that runners-up got to show at Fashion Week, and even with all the new twists as far as the final group of contestants, they've always had at least one more person showing at Fashion Week (which I'd argue is the real prize) than is still in the running for the show's grand prize. 

What I had wondered is how they set up Heidi who must address the audience at Fashion Week and indicate the top three contestants, when 4 (or in this case 5) are present. Sure, there's only a handful of groupings of 3 out of 5 people, but more likely they just have her say "our top 3 finaleests" and then name all 5 people, pausing in between while the cameras shoot them and their families. There must be a good bit of additional shooting at fashion week in order to obscure the truth.

Also, for the record I was rooting for Chris-- I think it was an anomaly that Rami was doing poorly enough in the one challenge that put him head to head with Chris, and I think Chris didn't standa chance in that match up. I kinda liked his stuff, human hair or no.
--LAN3 Wed Mar 5 01:08:20 2008
Heidi opens the show, but not individual designers. She just welcomes you to the Project Runway show, and that is all. They just come out one after the other. 
--PR insider Wed Mar 5 05:40:46 2008
Thanks, insider, but where's the fun in that? Where's the fierce subterfuge? Where's the haute couture cloak and jewelled dagger? 
--LAN3 Wed Mar 5 11:42:37 2008
re: parallels

Because people like correlations *much* better than anti-correlations.
--Mr. Ibis Mon Mar 17 09:50:24 2008

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