hour of power
I'm never sure when we "enter" DST. Sounds like we entered it this weekend, but I never understood how it was determined that we enter it in the spring and leave it in the fall. What exactly is the savings that we get, anyway?
--The_Lex Mon Mar 10 11:05:27 2008
I often see the song named "Ma Na Ma Na," even. I think the Phenomena was just a common mis-hearing of the words.
--LAN3 Mon Mar 10 11:52:42 2008
The horseradish thing (which is smart!) reminds me of a biochem-major friend of mine, who reported that in one lab, the goal was to synthesize the chemical that has the strong scent of bananas (and is generally the artificial flavor used for bananas). Problem was that once a single group in the lab got a positive result, everyone else had no idea whether they did, because the room commenced to reek of banana, as did their labcoats for hours afterwards.
--LAN3 Mon Mar 10 11:56:49 2008
Lex, you could probably wikipedia some of the details, but the basic idea is giving us more sunlight in the evening.

At some point it was considered to be some kind of energy savings, but I think the new consensus is that it does cost money/energy.

--Kirk Mon Mar 10 13:23:13 2008
That's an alarm you don't want to set off while cooking.

Which happens ridiculously often to me since I moved into the new place.
--Nick B Mon Mar 10 16:44:32 2008
I wouldn't mind DST except my old S1 TiVo is out of sync for an hour. As to whether it accomplishes anything (other than headaches), I'm not sure.
--ericball Mon Mar 17 14:31:58 2008

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