the moth and mrs murphy
From the j'accuse entry the other day I knew you at one time in your life, granted it was quite a while ago and yes you had moments of being self-absorbed. But then again, maybe we all do from time to time. 
--J Wed Mar 12 16:03:31 2008
I have no idea what you mean by "tho" under "Passing of the Moment"
--The_Lex Wed Mar 12 16:39:11 2008
hmm, probably a pseudo-dyslexia swap for "of"...
--Kirk Thu Mar 13 08:55:02 2008
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--11vrtp11th Mon Jun 2 20:31:09 2008
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--zerpyz09df Tue Sep 9 03:08:46 2008
So ecxetid I found this article as it made things much quicker!
--Adele Sun Nov 27 02:37:57 2011

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