hello japan! (backlog flush #67 and travelog)
*cough* yeah, a cupholder...mhmmm.
--cmg Sun Mar 16 20:04:51 2008
They've got those hand driers here at some places in Chicago, I think. They still blow intensely hot heat, right? It's not like any kind of high tech UV thing, is it?

But Hiroshima? Is it a live city? I would have thought the place would have been abandoned or something, with the nuclear bomb dropped on it and all.
--The_Lex Mon Mar 17 11:16:19 2008
"some irish festival."

It's St. Patty's Day!
--james Mon Mar 17 15:18:02 2008
Lex, Hiroshima is about as far from a wasteland as you can get - see the entry I just made today. The blast leveled the place but the people regrouped and rebuilt in the decades after (heh, maybe kind of like the Chicago fire?) They had many radiation issues for years after, but I think half-lives being what they are it's pretty clear now.
--Kirk Mon Mar 17 17:12:22 2008
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--wzlq eqwnitx Sun Jan 18 04:55:34 2009
The second example of kawaii is actually the mascot of the
Tokyo Metropolitan Gov't. There's a line in my Japan travel journal describing it as "A booger-looking thing that might be flying." I went to the top of their building in Shinjuki (great views of the city) and came thisclose to getting a stuffed version from the gift shop on the top floor.
--Ann L. Tue Sep 29 10:59:07 2009
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