get hot communication (backlog flush #71 and travelog of osaka)
Years ago, my Dad was somewhere in Asia (though to my recollection, the Navy has never taken him to Japan, and he's never travelled there on his own) and brought home a pachinko machine. I loved it and played it until it broke-- it was fantastically noisy, and came with 1000 (yes!) ball-bearings that cycle through the machine. It has since broken down from mechanical wear (the "flowers" that capture your falling ball don't really trip correctly, and without teh battery, it isn't have to do its noisy electric freakout when you hit one), and it had some electrical bits that were initially hooked up to your standard 6v battery (the big one the size of a soda can). I thought it was long gone, but I discovered last weekend, as I helped them move to a temporary rental, that they still have it.

(They sold their house, which is their cue to build a new one which should be done in 6-8 months, so they're moving into a small place and storing most of their stuff. Best still, their new place is above a shop that sells British import foods and anglophilia!)
--LAN3 Thu Mar 20 23:50:09 2008

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