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The Hallo! mart reminds me that I recently learned that 7-Eleven, once owned by the Dallas-based Southland Corporation, and has been through a handful of owners, is now fully owned by the Japanese company "Seven & I Holdings Co." which originally licensed the rights to launch 7-Eleven stores in Japan. Seven & I was established by three companies: a company called Ito-Yokado Co. Ltd. and the two companies who were the official Japan licensees of the 7-Eleven and Denny's brands.

So, visit a 7-Eleven if you haven't, and take a picture when you do, please. :^)
--LAN3 Sat Mar 22 13:48:06 2008
Heh, I think I've taken a few already but not posted.

It's odd because many of the signs do say "7 & i Holdings"; it seems odd to me to establish your branding as a holding company. Like you want consumers to think "gee..that I holdings really picks great companies to buy!"
--Kirk Sat Mar 22 18:29:52 2008
Is it just that photo, or does Erin look like Spawn of EB?

When do you fly home, anyway.
----EB Sat Mar 22 20:05:00 2008
I can't put my finger on why, but that ski mask pictured somehow says "burn victim" to me. Brr!
--LAN3 Sun Mar 23 16:16:48 2008

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