with a dream is continued (backlog flush #74 and travelog)
I'm not so sure I like the look, I see it on the train quite a bit, and I half envy/half mock it.
But I'm almost tempted to try it with teh Pradas.
--cmg Sun Mar 23 10:04:42 2008
I like the look. I also like the vendor-chickie's hair color, not that it would work on me. And I seriously dig the LOVE photo.

Got to say, I'm enjoying your photoblogging.
--Cordelia Mon Mar 24 07:26:19 2008
The subject and content of Zen and the Art. . . really surprised me, since it focused a whole lot more on Western philosophy than Eastern philosophy/religion. It certainly does provide for an interesting and reflective read (something I'll be starting relatively soon, probably, with Samuel Coleridges . . .Reflections [forget the first word of it, but it supposedly contributed to the Transcendentalist rebellion against the elder Unitarians]).
--The_Lex Mon Mar 24 14:16:11 2008
That "Thank You and OK" was more about the Zen experience in modern-ish practice I think, a good complement to "Zen/Motorcycle".

Actually "On the Road" maybe even more so...
--Kirk Tue Mar 25 01:27:31 2008
That Love photograph is hysterical! I hope you send it to all your sweethearts along with flowers and boxes of chocolates.

I wish I'd met that blue-haired chick!
--harveyjames Tue Mar 25 12:18:02 2008

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