kanazawa, noh problem (backlog flush #75 and travelog)
Beautiful photos and great commentary. :) Thanks!
--Lee F. Mon Mar 24 20:47:32 2008
"I think it's very cool and visual but I'm not writing quite as much, or as deeply. Maybe at the end I'll try to rectify that and go over some topics, for people here and for my future self. I hope people have been enjoying it this far, maybe the picture style helps people ahare in the experience a bit..."

Seriously? write for yourself, not for the happiness of others.
Anything else is a big fat self-fucking way of thinking.
--cmg Mon Mar 24 23:53:54 2008
I guess I disagree. Since a lot of people I care about might not get a chance like I have here, sharing the experience through pictures and description is a double win, they get to live vicariously a bit if I do it well enough, and I get the attention, which is 1/3 to 2/3 why anyone blogs anyway...
--Kirk Tue Mar 25 01:25:20 2008
Wow, I went to Kanazawa too! But I didn't see the Hermes at the station, and the waterclock at the front was under repair when I was there...:( Did you see the giant rust colored Statue about a block from the station? (Perhaps this was in the other post, but yes, you found the castle.)
--Cecily Wed Mar 26 22:36:15 2008

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