my love I don't want to be trite or pithy, but what I will give you is this-learn, reflect, and grow from it.
I'm not going to play the blame game, it's not fair, and we're a tad too old for that shit...but remember <3 and always tell the truth.
--cmg Sun Mar 30 13:42:16 2008
You like to look at other mens' man-holes?

--Sewer Crocodile Sun Mar 30 14:58:24 2008
sorry to hear that!

I like the covers a lot. I think it is neat that you 1) noticed it and 2)took photos.
--Felicia Thu Apr 3 09:53:56 2008
Your avocation is flourishing over at Drainspotting (, I'm sure you could add some ones they haven't seen though.

Also, Happy Birthday.
--Mr. Ibis Thu Apr 3 10:01:16 2008

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