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When in Boston, I used Cambridge Trust, but their ATMs are somewhat limited to the Beacon Hill/Cambridge area and one branch in Concord. They might have expanded since I left Boston, though. They had a free checking account for me, too, but I think they charge for online banking.

If you care about socially responsible banking, at all, you might want to check out Wainright Bank, if they're still around. I don't know the locations of branches/ATMs, either.
--The_Lex Tue Apr 8 13:06:25 2008
Both Bank of America and Soverign have branches within a block of our house. Bill and I have BOA accounts and Betty and I have Soverigh. For in-person stuff BOA has better hours.

--YELAS Tue Apr 8 15:06:34 2008
I'm with Chase. And I've mostly noticed that I don't have to deal with all the bullshit that Citibank seems to inflict on my friends every so often. I wonder if it's because Chase is exceptionally good, because Citibank is exceptionally bad, or because my friends can't handle their money.

I'm also fortunate that when Chase bought my previous bank, Bank One, just about everything stayed the same, even the color scheme (white on blue) and my account numbers. The only problem was that they ended up changing the name of Bank One Ballpark into Chase Field, well after we had won a World Series there. Not that Diamondbacks fans notice, what with the team colors getting changed on us too.
--Nick Bensema Tue Apr 8 15:30:20 2008

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