I'm out of league here. Too much brain power on dspialy!
--Flip Wed Apr 27 07:10:41 2011
You must have some way to record yourlesf.   Record yourlesf playing rhythm guitar, and then try to solo over it. Listening to your recordings is a great way to see your strong points and indicate areas where you need improvement.   Scales are nice, but remember, scales are not music it's a technical robotic exercise. The most important scale is the pentatonic, so if you must work on scales, make it the pentatonic.   Learn a least 4-5 different ways to play each chord.   You'll improve 10 times as fast playing music with another than you will sitting alone in your room, so try to find a slightly better player willing to put up with you.   Visualize the chords, solos, notes..etc in your mind when you're away from your guitar.   Subscribe to a good guitar magazine your choice. Getting that magazine in the mail every month keeps the juices flowing.   Read Rock  Roll biographies always inspiring and they make you want to play.   By music from other guitarists don't just stick to your favorite music investigate.   Best of luck, have fun, and practice till those fingers bleed.
--Ricardo Fri Jan 18 08:10:33 2013

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