zen fail
What?!?! You're moving?
--The_Lex Sun Apr 13 20:26:28 2008
moving? more like grooooooving.
--austin powers Sun Apr 13 21:27:09 2008
I got rid of a lot of stuff, including a lot of sentimental stuff this summer. My secret was to take a photograph of the sentimental thing I wanted to get rid of first that way I still had the memories but not the physical item.
--Rhys Mon Apr 14 10:41:49 2008
Lex: yeah, but just into Boston, taking over a small inlaw/au-pair apartment at my Aunt and Uncle's.

Rhys, yeah, I have and am utilizing that trick. It's less the hardcore sentimental stuff and more the "boy, I meant to make good use of that" effect right now.
--Kirk Mon Apr 14 14:33:11 2008
Used this sign years ago, before moving:

"The World is too much with us!
Hence our Yard Sale.
BUY. Make yourself more Worldly"

Needless to say, there was barely enough parking space in the area that afternoon for all our Yard Sale. Worked better than our "Free" and "Steal This Stuff" signs of earlier years ...... Rennie

--rennielorca Tue Apr 15 16:05:13 2008

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