muppets raw and uncensored!!!
There's also surgical staples and surgical glue.
--Cordelia Wed Apr 16 12:42:34 2008
Yeah, I was thinking about the glue. I wonder if stitches still have some advantage, why isn't the glue ubiquitous?
--Kirk Wed Apr 16 13:28:51 2008
I heard that's how Krazy Glue was invented.

In fact, one time Penn Jillette cut himself juggling broken bottles, and the next day on his radio show, he had his co-host, fellow juggler Michael Goudeau, glue his hand back together.

I haven't found that particular show yet on, but I did find one of the shows where my emails was read on the air: October 2, 2006.
--Nick Bensema Wed Apr 16 22:34:28 2008
I just had three stitches put into my finger the other day because I accidently sliced it open. It's nothing, but from what I hear, stitches, glue and staples each have their place on the body and their situation for use. I'm not sure what goes where or why, but that's what I've heard.
--The_Lex Thu Apr 17 07:34:44 2008
Puts me in mind of the comment that Bones made to Kirk about the old days of sewing people up with needles and catgut, etc. compared with the "zap" instrument that he had.
--YELM Thu Apr 17 12:42:35 2008
Do they still use cat gut?
--The_Lex Fri Apr 18 09:06:15 2008

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