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Jennifer Mattern | I wouldn't pulibsh mine in blog form until they were completed  drafted, edited by me, and through a professional editor. I would release the first chapter early as a way to promote the book launch. Then I'd release the actual book. So people can buy now if they like it and get sucked in or they can choose to wait 30 weeks (the better part of a year) to read the entire book online. I'm betting that A) most people won't want to wait and B) those who still choose to wait or discover it after it's completely online will still buy the book if they like it. In the end, I don't think most people want to read 70-80k words on-screen and if they like something they'll want a copy of their own  either for their e-reader or an old school print book. It's similar to what I've done with e-books. A lot of the information is available on my website. The e-books are just better-organized, they pull together the most important info to save readers time, and they're more convenient than having to search for old posts. People pay for convenience and for things that make their life easier. You can do that with books, e-books, e-courses, webinars, etc. Let me know how the blog conversion goes!
--Prince Fri Jan 18 09:18:15 2013

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