Reports are Tavern on the Square has the dish Angry Shrimp. So maybe this is on to something.
--Kirk Mon Apr 21 13:00:04 2008
That photo that the tourists take would be an excellent candidate for faking High-Dynamic Range Photos.

Popsci typepad c0m has the a good tutorial on how to fake it, but you need a tripod and a camera that will let you tinker with its manual settings without budging its position. (See May 2007 entries.)
--LAN3 Mon Apr 21 18:55:39 2008
couldn't i just select only the underexposed area and just brighten it in like Photoshop?
--Kirk Tue Apr 22 08:28:49 2008
Well, that might improve the pic, but going back and taking most of a dozen pictures, followed by a potentially complicated editing process, is much better. I mean, really!
--LAN3 Tue Apr 22 09:57:50 2008
Hey there, this is the first time I've commented on your blog.. and I've been reading it for a long time now. Strange.. I don't remember how I came across it honestly, but I favorited and check it weekly. Love it. :o) I just had to say, I was rather confused when I saw the 'space cadet' silver sun reflectors too. I have a view over the common from my room, and I saw what looked like a parade of astronauts. Then I realized what they were, and I still thought it looked funny. I kind of want one.
--Tiffany Tue Apr 22 14:18:58 2008
Heh! Always nice to hear from a quiet regular...

I gotta say, my commute home had some of the stinkiest green line cars, all these sweaty folks heading back... bleh!
--Kirk Tue Apr 22 19:00:23 2008

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