since u been pontiff
Do you know the one about the time the Pope wanted to drive his own limo?
--LAN3 Fri Apr 25 16:21:26 2008
So, the pope is in his limo on the way back to the Vatican after an appearance in Rome. He's feeling his age a little bit, and thinking of all the things he'd like to do and see before he dies. Suddenly, he calls the driver over the intercom and tells him to pull over.

The pope says, "I just realized that I've never driven in Italy, and I'd like to drive the rest of the way." The driver says, "certainly, Your Holiness!" and the two men switch places in the limo.

Well, the Pope is a crap driver, as it turns out, and he gets pulled over by the Polizia Stradale, the highway patrol. The policeman walks up to the driver, starts to say "license and registration, etc." and suddenly recognizes him. "I'll be back in just a moment, Your Holiness," he says, and walks back to his car.

He radios his supervisor. "Sir, I've just pulled over a limo, and someone very important is in it. What should I do?"
The supervisor says "Write him a ticket!"
The cop says "But sir, this person is really high-up, you know?"
The supervisor says "Just tell me, who is it?"
The cop says "I don't know for sure, sir, but the Pope is his driver!"
--LAN3 Sat Apr 26 15:46:52 2008
Heh, I think I had heard this, but the cop was thinking it might be God in the back.
--Kirk Sun Apr 27 07:51:30 2008
Which is the only possible conclusion, if you think about it.
--LAN3 Mon Apr 28 02:44:14 2008
I dunno. Maybe there's a metapope!
--Kirk Mon Apr 28 11:42:46 2008

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