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For kisrael.com, I just type in the address. Some other blogs, I have the addresses memorized and type them in. On my computer at home, I have a bookmark/favorites section setup for blogs. For awhile, I set an excel spreadsheet on Google docs to keep track of links, so I could access them anywhere, but then I got too busy at work.

Your address is easy to remember, though, and I've checked it regularly for the last so many years that it has become habit.
--The_Lex Fri May 16 13:15:23 2008
And oh yeah, for some of the ones I check regularly but he addresses get a little long, I remember the first couple letters then allow the browser fill in the rest of the address.
--The_Lex Fri May 16 13:35:06 2008
A combination of RSS, the bookmark bar in Firefox (which I should perhaps use more), and "type g for Google Reader, gl for GloriousTrainwrecks."
--Jeremy Fri May 16 13:48:18 2008
Almost everything's RSS nowadays. On my Mac at home, I have a wonderful program called Butler that lets me type one or two letters to summon up my commonly-used but feedless sites.
--Morganth Fri May 16 14:07:47 2008
My close friends are all too busy to really talk to me, more than once a month or so.

And I recently lost a large chunk of them, and I'm having a hard time moving on.

--nick b Fri May 16 17:33:58 2008
@Lex: yeah, ubiquitous auto-complete in URL and search boxes is an unsung boon. (Also cool to be able to get little cross sections of your personal history, though then again someone else using your computer can see it too...)
--Kirk Fri May 16 18:58:29 2008
--xoxoxo Bruce Sat May 17 01:39:01 2008
--skidbladnr Sat May 17 15:50:48 2008
I have a daily bookmark group that pops open into a pile o tabs.
--mkb Mon May 19 15:22:46 2008

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