come fret with me
I had a chandelier in my bedroom in college. I thought it would be weird but I ended up really liking it and I still miss it at times.
--Rhys Tue May 20 14:17:02 2008
Mission Hill? Going to Wentworth in the early '60s, Mission Hill was a very dangerous place.
--xoxoxo Bruce Wed May 21 00:08:26 2008
Heh, well I could talk about how Mission Hill ain't that bad these days, though that might be a bit undercut by a recent news story of some woman found shot in her apartment. Still, its a lot more gentrified than it was, and if my family could tough it out in the 80s I think I'll be ok.
--Kirk Wed May 21 08:02:16 2008
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Hi Janie, I've enjoyed lkirung for a while, but felt that I owed you my thoughts on this question. In my experience, our existence in this world is often seen as an either/or proposition. As a previous poster suggested, it seems like we're supposed to be either full blown ts women in denial, or just crossdressers, and that there is no in-between.What I value most about you is that you are showing that there is an in-between, a broad portion of the spectrum that exists, but that few feel safe exploring. It's so much easier to head to one of the safe corners that are easier to define, understand, and explain. Those places seem to suggest that in order to be fully a woman, you have to reject any part of you that is a man, or vice versa.I've fallen into that trap myself on many occasions, but am slowly learning that what makes me a man doesn't have to negate what makes me a woman. And I can thank you for helping to reinforce that lesson.It doesn't matter where your journey ultimately takes you. I, for one, appreciate that there's someone like you out there who is sharing your journey with us.
--Gulderai Thu Sep 19 04:40:06 2013
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