oh, hannah
--YELM Thu May 29 13:42:57 2008
Maybe it was mechanical error, I'm sad the conductor who died was a young woman. there is a big stink in L.A. over Metro trams that run at street level, like the greenline. Angelenos keep getting hit by trains when they ignore the flashing lights and go around the crossing arm. Everyone is lobbying for underground or above ground tracks because they assume it will be impossible to change social behavior. Considering how hard it is to get Public Transit made in L.A. to begin with, this is not helpful.
--Errin Thu May 29 14:31:06 2008
yeah, good point, could be brakes failing. Wonder if there's some kind of black box or something else that would say when if ever brakes were tried...
--Kirk Thu May 29 14:40:04 2008
Why sad over a woman being killed than a man? I can understand the young part, but why should the gender of a person make a difference about the emotion felt for someone's death?

As for an investigation taking a year, Kirk, it probably has to go through politics and bureaucracy before it gets released to the public, I'm guessing. Can't have an "imperfect" investigation release to the public, can we?
--The_Lex Thu May 29 16:07:09 2008
I'm not sure what E. was thinking, but if a young woman is perceived at being as fault, that might provide some fodder for sexist (and/or agist) claims.
--Kirk Thu May 29 16:51:37 2008
Don't you feel more tragedy for a pretty, young 24 year old woman than an old, grizzled man? So sensitive these male bloggers!
--Erin Thu May 29 17:57:14 2008
The dead person is always found to be at fault, in any investigation... they can't argue.
--xoxoxo Bruce Thu May 29 22:34:58 2008
True, you can't have enough pretty young lasses in the world. =b
--The_Lex Fri May 30 07:48:25 2008

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