hi, i'm from the sun will rise tomorrow party, can i have a moment of your time?
The Zen and. . . quote feels like it touches on a dilemma I'm facing with my research/writing: What's more important to human quality of life, emotionally, physically and spiritually - power (used for good or evil) or a sense of belonging (to a community, race, culture, nation, faith, species, biological kingdom, etc. etc.)? Then, once I've got an answer to that question, why or what proof can I find?

I should probably ruminate about it on my own blog.
--The_Lex Fri May 30 14:37:43 2008
That quote's straight-up bullshit, man. The doubt isn't (necessarily) in the fanatic, it's in OTHER PEOPLE. You'd be fanatically shouting that the sun would rise tomorrow if I was insistent that it wasn't.
--Jeremy Fri May 30 17:12:12 2008
The World's Spookiest Weapons link leads...right back here! Is kisrael.com a weapon?
--Bill the Splut Fri May 30 20:44:47 2008
Jeremy, you might be right.
But there is still some idea of what everyone does agree on-- stuff you might not even realize what you're soaking in.

Bill, I said it was a hectic day :-) (Funny what putting two double quotes rather than will do to your link tag)
--Kirk Sat May 31 06:59:07 2008

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