all this could be yours has some hilarious original demotivational posters! I came across their website on a forum and I catch myself going back to it a couple times a day to see what new original stuff they've posted. Great website.
--David Sat May 31 16:50:24 2008
Yes, it's very fine examples of that type of humor I see on 4chan and b3ta and that, for want of a better term I think of as "internet snark". it IS extremely crude and mean and all those other things, but , funny.
--Kirk Sat May 31 17:46:35 2008
I like that site, demotivateus, but it's got the same noisy crap around every image that, say, has. I wihs I could find a good way to block all of the bookmarking and embedding crap (especially the embedding code that grabs the scrolling from my mouse pointer, heh). It wouldn't be hard to hide that stuff from people who aren't looking for it.
--LAN3 Sat May 31 18:33:34 2008

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