summertiiiime, and the feelings queasy
Wait, I thought the Suns were the Lakers' rivals!
--Nick B Sun Jun 1 21:32:17 2008
Your picture looks like a clip from a Battlestar Galactica commercial. Are you a cylon model they haven't revealed yet?
--The_Lex Sun Jun 1 22:39:09 2008
"Anything Goes"...fond of our Salamanca productions. Brig scene was funny, and that was one of your Dad's favorite lines. I played the social climbing Mrs. Harcourt.
--YELM Mon Jun 2 14:38:34 2008
The light and shadow on your portrait really give it a oil painting look. Nice job.
--YELM Mon Jun 2 14:39:39 2008
Yeah, more about the new sidebar feature tomorrow... it's funny that I still remember that line.
--Kirk Mon Jun 2 14:41:26 2008

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