this is the real world
I'm still debating if I should try to get the widget setup so it shows not just my posts but those of people I'm following on Twitter

If you do this with MY twitter I will personally break your face, kthx
--cmfgb Tue Jun 3 21:14:38 2008
I don't know who you wrote this for but you helped a borther out.
--Jaylynn Fri Dec 9 22:00:12 2011
Hi, the price can be found on our website. Which is S$99 for 1 to 5 mohtns, depending on the level and facing of the box. Size of the box can be found on the website as well, i.e. 35x35x30cm, 35 35,40cm You can also combine 2 or 3 boxes into 1 (pay the rate for the 2 or 3 boxes) and so you can have boxes like 71x35x30cm, 71x35x40cm (2 boxes) or 107x35x30cm, 107x35x40cm.
--Ehigiamusoe Tue Apr 24 15:52:13 2012

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