delusions on a rainy thursday
I read "The Late Great Planet Earth" about 30 years ago. Author Hal Lindsay left himself plenty of wiggle room as to when it would happen: "One Biblical generation (40 years) after the refounding of Israel," which could be either 1948 when the modern state was founded, or 1967 when they controlled all of Jerusalem. And the Rapture could happen either within those 40 years, or begin after 40 years. So the earliest it could happen would be 1981, and the latest...2007. 

Maybe the Rapture Rules are so strict that last year only a few people were taken. Or, y'know, it's bullshit that really isn't in the Bible anyway, unless you're one of those 144,000 male Jewish virgins it specifically mentions.
--Bill the Splut Thu Jun 5 16:57:24 2008

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